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Both nature and humanity are great artists, and when they join forces, amazing masterpieces can be produced. Today Bright Side has brought together works for you in which the combined efforts of Mother Nature and artist photographers have captured magical moments showing the wonderful diversity of modern life and the natural world.

Washing the water lilies

The photo above, titled “Washing the water lilies” is the winner of the “Best Photos in the Workplace” contest after garnering the most votes from users around the world. The women washed water lilies, a flower that grows in many lakes in the western rivers of Vietnam. They use boats to go everywhere to pick the flowers, then wash them and sell them at the local market. It is a traditional work done by generations of women living in western Vietnam. The edible flower is a delight for locals and tourists.

A Dog And Its Best Friend

‘A Dog And Its Best Friend’ By Arvids Baranovs, Latvia. The competition is set up to welcome photographers from all walks of life, with free entry, and open to visionaries of all ages and skill levels, “from emerging 12-19-year-olds, enthusiastic hobbyists, and students, to established professionals, there is a competition and a category for everyone.”

A Walk On The Bike

A walk on the bike Photographer Name: Alexandr Vlassyuk Year: 2019 This is one shot from my series of shots taken in the yard of a private house with the help of a drone.

Incense Stickmaking

At first glance, some people may find the photo above just like a beautiful scene: red incense sticks and a local wearing his traditional outfit, working among them. “With this photo, I want to highlight the hard work that the locals have done,” says the photographer, “working under the blazing sun, wearing masks to protect them from wood dust.

Shadow Puppetry

Pan Jianhua was announced winner of the Culture category for his photography of shadow puppeteers performing for villagers in an old stone house. The senior electronics engineer – who got his first SLR camera eight years ago – spends his free time documenting traditional cultures and rural life in China; its winning image perfectly captures ancient folk art. Shadow Puppetry also won him first place in the National Awards for China Mainland.