top organic food brands

In a world where food trends are constantly changing, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with what’s new and what’s popular. But, with increasing health problems due to excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides in food production, the sensation of “organic” food has steadily gained popularity and has become the fashionable theme for consumers. and producers. Organic food has now become a viable alternative for a growing number of consumers around the world, who are concerned about the presence of chemical residues and the negative consequences for the environment caused by intensive production methods. In India, organic food is gaining importance day by day and for many, the “organic” trend is not just a trend, but it has become a way of life.

Horizon Organic

Horizon Organic is an American company founded in 1991. It is the largest producer of organic milk in North America. Besides milk, the company also sells other milk-based products such as cheese, yogurt and butter. The brand is organic according to the USDA and free of additives. The company has a monopoly on the milk market in the southeastern United States because it purchases the majority of organic milk from more than 700 farms in the United States. Even their cows are fed organic food and are raised on pasture without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones.

MyGreen Mart

My Green Mart was founded by Steve (Founder & CEO) with the conviction that selling organic products is not only a reason for doing business, but also promotes behavior that contributes to improving our world. In fact, buying this type of products means choosing companies that demand careful selection of the growing methods of the raw materials and do not accept the use of weed killers, parasiticides, chemical and synthesized fertilizers and genetically modified organisms that pollute our earth, water and air. The very purpose of My Green Mart is to  “Improve the life quality of the human beings and the planet, spreading the culture of an organic vegetarian diet to create wellness, with tasty and quality products”. At the helm of this natural reorganization process in India is My Green Mart. We are an certified under India’s National Program for Organic Production Standards (NPOP), National Organic Program (NOP) technical standards (USA) and Certified Organic under EU (IN-BIO-152). We already have a head start in organic production in the country and are behind quite a number of modern trade chains for selling fresh produce – FRESH fruits and vegetables (Both Indian and Exotic).


Riverford Farm was taken over by the Watson family in the 1950s and followed the normal pattern for British farms until the mid-1980s, when Guy Watson decided to convert to organic farming. By the late 1980s this had been achieved. Singh-Watson aimed to find an effective way of distributing his produce. His idea was the weekly vegetable box scheme, the box being delivered direct to customers’ doors with locally grown produce. Riverford chooses varieties for flavour rather than appearance and delivers earthy vegetables, which improves storage and taste. Starting from a weekly delivery of around 30 boxes to family and friends, in 2018 Riverford delivers around 45,000 boxes per week to households nationwide, sending its own meat and vegetables as well as organic fruit, dairy, wine, store cupboard staples and more. To achieve this they have formed a mutual cooperative of British farmers – not all in Devon. The weekly boxes come with a newsletter explaining the content of the box, giving farm news from Riverford and providing appropriate recipes.

Organic Valley

Organic Valley was founded in 1988 under the name ‘CROPP (Coulee Region Organic Produce Pool) Cooperative. What began as a group of Wisconsin family farms selling their produce soon expanded into the production and local distribution of vegetables and dairy products. The brand name “Organic Valley” was soon adopted, and the abbreviation “CROPP” was adjusted to Cooperative Regions of Organic Producer Pools. The original CROPP farms were located throughout southwest Wisconsin, primarily in the Kickapoo River Basin area near the cooperative’s headquarters which was built in 2004. Organic Valley comprises nearly 2,000 farmer-owners located in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom that specialize in sustainable, organic agriculture practices. Organic Valley has become the world’s largest independent Cooperative of organic family farmers and one of the nation’s largest producers and distributors of organic produce, dairy, soy, and eggs. Products are marketed in all 50 states, Canada, China, Japan, and 22 other countries.