top baby brand

Are you pregnant or a new mommy? Are you planning to buy baby care products but are not sure about the best brands available in the market today? Here are some latest brands for baby products.

Mee Mee

Mee Mee, the popular baby care and parenting brand launched in 2006 by the company, offers a large variety of products across all categories including Skin and Oral Care, Feeding, Infant Utility Accessories, Travel, Nursery, Toys, Fashion and Maternity which ensures each and every requirement of a parent is met. Each Mee Mee product is scientifically developed and undergoes rigorous tests before it reaches the baby and is certified by International standards such as ASTM (American Standards for Testing & Materials), EN (European Norms) Standards as well as Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS & ISI). All paints used are non-toxic, lead free and the edges of all products are soft & rounded, so that no child is harmed in any way possible.

Mee Mee is operating with a network of 200 distributors, supplying to over 3000+ baby stores and chemists to reach and provide quality products to as many parents across the nation; The company has regional offices in all the zones of India to offer uninterrupted customer service to their retail partners/network and customers throughout the country. By 2020 they are planning to expand further with a larger distribution network and more stores to meet the ever growing demand of parenting and child care segment.


To meet the needs for quality mother and baby care, PIGEON was founded in 1957 in Japan by its founder Yuichi Nakata whose vision to provide quality, comfort, convenience and affordability in one brand has made PIGEON the market leader today. With a range of products encompassing every need in maternity and baby care, PIGEON is a one-stop shop for mothers and mothers-to-be. Spreading its wings to over 40 countries, PIGEON is the top player in the International markets today. Headquartered in Japan, PIGEON has subsidiaries in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Korea, China, and USA. Singapore is the regional headquarter for ASEAN countries.

Mr. Nakata’s research data has contributed to the development of artificial teats. What Yuichi Nakata saw was the unique movements of the tongues of babies when they sucked milk. Scientifically named “Peristaltic Movements” much later, they formed the basis of all the bottles and nipples made in the PIGEON research centre. For over 5 decades, PIGEON has dedicated research capabilities towards the sucking behaviour of babies. Having established a solid foundation of research, PIGEON is recommended today by most top medical and academic professionals.


Sebamed, a German expert in baby and adult skincare with over 50 years of experience is now available across 80 countries. Sebamed is a pioneer in the world with pH 5.5 based products and is clinically proven to promote the development of the skin’s acid mantle which prevents moisture loss and aids in skin hydration. Healthy skin of a baby means they have the right pH level. pH is measured on a pH scale with 0 being acidic and 14 being alkaline. Using skin care products which do not have pH value of 5.5 can alter the protective barrier of the baby’s skin and cause long-term damage. Sebamed products are proved to be safe for baby’s skin as they maintain healthy skin’s pH of 5.5 which important to maintain the soft and sensitive skin for the babies. Sebamed products are developed by dermatologists and are ideal for all skin types. Sebamed products are not tested on animals. These products are 100% free from soap/alkali/harsh chemicals.

Their products are 100% free of harmful irritants such as Parabens/ SLS/ Asbestos. Their line of products is targeted toward newborns, infants as well as toddlers. They include Bathing Range (Baby Cleansing Bar, Baby Wash, Baby Bubble Bath), Skin Care Range (Baby Massage Oil, Baby Rash Cream, Baby Cleansing Wipes, Baby Powder, Baby Protective Facial Cream, Baby Lotion, Baby Cream, Baby Lip Balm, Baby Sun Lotion, Baby Body– Milk) & Hair Care Range (Children’s Shampoo). Keeping a baby’s skin soft and protected is very crucial and baby skincare plays a very important role. A trusted brand like Sebamed can make a huge difference when it comes to baby skin care.


Philips Avent, stylized as Philips AVENT, is a child care brand which manufactures baby bottles, breast pumps, and other baby feeding and health accessories. It is based in Glemsford, Suffolk, England. The name AVENT came from the sub-brand Avent Naturally which was launched by a Company called Cannon Rubber (est.1936). The brand was created in 1984 to launch a new type of baby bottle that was short with a wide neck. Avent was the first baby feeding company to produce teats from odourless and tasteless silicone as well as other patented innovations such a steam and microwave steriliser and piston-free breast Pump.

In 2005, Charterhouse Venture Capital acquired the company, then known as Cannon Avent. In 2006, Dutch company Philips acquired the brand and renamed it as Philips Avent.