Top 10 Most Popular Magazines in the World

There are many types of magazines categorized according to different topics. Many magazines include topics primarily related to current affairs, sports, fashion, teenage years, etc. hence, appealing to the interest of most people. The magazines are published all over the world and in as many languages spoken on earth. It is quite difficult to find the best magazine among thousands of magazines published in the world. But, we have compiled a list of the 10 most popular magazines of 2020 based on their circulation and popularity.

10. People


Magazines are very popular in the United States. People is one of America’s most popular magazines. This magazine is published by Time Inc on a weekly basis. He talks about political and social issues. With a circulation of 3.5 million, it is ranked 10th most circulated magazine in the world in 2020.

9. Family Circle

Family Circle

The family circle is a common reading among women in the United States. It is published monthly and has an annual circulation of 3.8 million. Cheryl Brown is her current editor who has worked for her prospects for the past two years, making the magazine more appealing from the outside.

8. National Geographic

National Geographic

As the name suggests, National Geographic magazine is published by the largest wildlife media house, National Geographic. About 4 million copies of this magazine are sold in one year. As National Geographic broadcasts its transmission in many local languages, this magazine is also available in many languages. Those who wish to explore the world are big fans of the photographs published in National Geographic.

7. Good Maintenance

Good Housekeeping

The Good Housekeeping is a women’s magazine published by the famous Seven Sisters. With a circulation of 4.3 million, including 4 million readers, this magazine is ranked seventh among the most popular magazines in the world.

6. Reader’s Digest

Reader's Digest

The Reader’s Digest is the world’s oldest family magazine, first published almost 100 years ago. Its American version can be put in the pocket as it is smaller in size. It is distributed in most countries around the world with a total circulation of 8.5 million. It is available in 22 languages for the convenience of the reader and that way it really is a digest for readers.

5. Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

The Better Homes & Gardens is the “Seven Sisters” project. It is the 5th best-selling magazine in America with an estimated monthly circulation of 7.5 million. Most of the readers of this magazine are women because it illustrates interior design.

4. Game Informer

Game Informer

The Game Informer also published in America and is the most popular magazine among teens. It illustrates the latest games so that young people interested in the game await its publication. With 10 million copies printed, The Game Informer is the fourth most popular magazine in the world in 2020.

3. AARP The Magazine

AARP The Magazine

AARP The Magazine has been one of America’s best-selling magazines for the past two decades. However, until 2002 it was known as modern maturity. Issues related to “lifestyle” are illustrated. It ranks third among the 10 most circulated magazines due to 22.5 million monthly readers.

2. Wake Up!


The second most circulated magazine in the world is a religious magazine, Awake. In our list, it is the competitor of The Watchtower which belongs to the same genre. It has the honor of being published in 100 languages. Almost 44.5 million people read it every month. It completed 100 years of its publication last year. It is considered as the one of the most popular Christian magazines.

1. The Watchtower (Public Edition)

The Watchtower

You will be amazed to hear that the world’s most popular magazine is one of the top rated religious magazines. It is one of the oldest magazines published in the United States and distributed around the world. This magazine has been translated into over 200 languages. Over 50 million copies are distributed in major countries of the world where the Bible is read. This magazine is published by a reputable agency of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The world’s most widely circulated magazine, the Watchtower, can also be read online, but readers love to read the pages, making it the world’s most widely read Christian magazine in 2020.