Ready to hit the boardwalk while the surf’s flat and pump your way through the summer throngs? Perhaps you’re more interested in blazing downhill, or carving your way across a descent. Whatever your preferred passion, you’re going to need the right longboard to do it. We’ve assembled a list of the best longboards for 2019 to make that process simpler. Ready to go? Let’s hit it.

1. Quest Super Cruiser

The most popular longboard of 2019 is the Quest Super Cruiser. This board has been a best seller all year and it’s easy to see why. With its short deck, this is a perfect board for beginner longboarders just starting out. This board is primarily known for its carving but don’t underestimate this board on hills. Riders can pick up some serious speed while still being able to make tight turns the entire way down. This board’s capabilities combined with the price make the Quest Super Cruiser take the #1 spot on top longboards list.

2.  Yocaher Drop Down Longboard

Though from a smaller brand, the Yocaher Drop Down longboard competes with Quest in terms of price and quality. With a longer deck, this board is better suited for downhill than the Quest Super Cruiser. As this board also has a slight drop, the Yocaher Drop Down Longboard remains stable at all speeds making it very easy to ride. Commonly described as a great starter board, the Yocaher board is perfect for riders looking for a cheap, stable board for downhills and carving.

3.  Sector 9 Fractal

Sector 9 has always been known for quality and this board is no exception. This board smoothly responds to every touch and is the perfect carving machine from Sector 9. Along with stunning visuals, the Sector 9 Fractal comes with premium Gullwing Sidewinder trucks and special Sector 9 wheels. This board excels at downhills and carving and is perfect for riders of any experience level. Everybody from beginners to advanced riders can enjoy this board.

4.  Penny Graphic Longboard

Built as a cruiser, this board excels for people looking for a board to use for commuting. This board is commonly found around high school and college campuses and for good reason. The Penny Board’s small size and weight makes it perfect for riding to and from class. The kicktail on the back of each board makes those tight sidewalk corners a breeze to easily cruise through. All in all, the Penny Board is definitely a fun ride and a faster and most importantly, more fun, method of transportation than walking.

5.  Sector 9 Lookout

The second board from Sector 9 making the top 10 longboards list, the Sector 9 Lookout brings a beautiful deck design and an excellence into carving, downhill, and sliding which allows it to take the number 5 spot on this list. With a deck length of 42”, this board is the right size for a daily board that can do everything. It comes with griptape for riders who like to make tight carves and easily picks up speed due to the size of its deck.  The drop through trucks that come standard with the board allows riders to perform speed checks simply by sliding out the ends of the board. In addition, the wheel cutouts from the deck mean that wheel lock is virtually eliminated on this board. The Sector 9 Lookout is a great longboard which has something to offer for every type of rider.

6.  Atom Longboards Bamboo Dropthrough

With a prominent drop down deck, the Atom Bamboo Dropthrough makes this list through its capabilities in downhill and carving. The total length of this board is 40 inches and it comes standard with Navigator trucks and special Atom wheels. While the design and length of this board don’t typically lead to a good carving board, the Navigator trucks allow this board perfect freedom to respond to riders. This longboard may never make tight corners at high speed but it can glide down hills gracefully carving the entire way. To aid in going down hills, the Bamboo Dropthrough has the right mix of stiffness to allow riders to feel the road underneath them yet keep riders stable at high speeds. The shape of the deck also allows riders to use it to brace themselves when starting a slide which makes learning sliding on a longboard a lot easier for riders.

7.  Quest Tribes Pin Kicktail

The Quest Tribes Pin Kicktail is the Quest Super Cruiser’s less popular sibling but undeservedly so. With a stunning design, this board comes with a smooth maple deck, aluminum trucks, and soft wheels. The deck is stiff which allows riders to control the board easier and the soft wheels are able to absorb some of the vibration from the road resulting in smooth rides everywhere you go. Advertised as purely a carving longboard, the Quest Tribes Pin Kicktail makes smooth turns and is able to carve down any hill. A small board that is fun to ride, this Quest longboard clearly deserves to be on the top 10.

8.  Atom Dropdeck longboard

With a sleek looking deck and a nice equipment, the Atom Drop Deck Longboard comes in 8th on our list. This board comes with high-quality Reverse King Pin trucks, a full maple deck, and Abec 9 bearings, the highest quality of bearings Abec offers.  With griptape also, this board has the perfect set up for any rider looking to do some serious riding. The drop deck of this longboard means that riding this board is just as comfortable when cruising around town as when going down a steep hill. Sliding is a breeze also with comfortably placed footholds allowing riders to easily perform speed checks or long slides after picking up speed.

9.  Sector 9 Sidewinder

Sector 9 once again creates another admirable longboard named the Sector 9 Sidewinder. This board measures 36 inches from tip to tail and comes with drop through Gullwing Sidewinder trucks. These trucks are the main feature of the board and they exceed expectations. The Sector 9 Sidewinder is known for its unparalleled carving ability and riders consistently say that this board has the best combination of speed and carving down hills that they’ve ever seen. This board isn’t meant for sliding but that specialization means the Sector 9 Sidewinder is even better at carving and downhill than comparable all-around boards.

10.  Sector 9 Mini Shaka

The Sector 9 Mini Shaka is the only freestyle longboard on this list but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate it. This is the premier board for any riders looking to start sliding or do tricks. With double kicktails, this board can be popped up in the air easily. For those who aren’t into longboarding tricks so much, this board offers the easiest route to getting your first slide out of any. The Sector 9 Mini Shaka comes with special Sector 9 wheels and was designed from the ground up to be Sector 9’s top sliding board. All of this means that even beginner riders have no trouble sliding on this board as they would on any other board. If you’re a rider who wants to take a break from bombing hills and explore the lesser-known aspects of longboarding, the Sector 9 Mini Shaka is the board for you.