The Best Horror Movies of 2020

It was easy to handle the time for the horror fans during the whole pandemic according to a recent study. It’s a perfect time to catch up on some of the best as we’re close to Halloween.

Horror Movies

1. The Lodge

This movie is on two siblings who lose their mother and are pulled into a relationship with fiancee of their dad. Both the siblings and their stepmom begin suspecting each other as more and more frightening and inexplicable things happen. It is an utterly terrifying film.

2. Relic

This horror movie focuses more on the human condition. The audience is immersed by the filmmaker in a devastating and horrifyingly claustrophobic familial story. An elderly woman, Edna (Robyn Nevin) is struggling with her grip on reality when a fateful visit is paid to her by her worried daughter (Emily Mortimer) and granddaughter (Bella Heathcote).

3. Metamorphosis

It is an old horror movie. It is made by the Korean filmmaker Hong-seon Kim, who confines it within the one loving family. In this movie, Kim interrogates the evil mentality that is already existing within a family.

4. Alive

This movie tells about the survival in a world where human connection has been replaced with undead cannibals and weak cell phone signals. The increasingly horrifying circumstances force a millennial (Ah-In Yoo), to consider his life and the people in it in a way that he has never done before.

5. The Grudge

In this movie, a restless female ghost continues to terrify the living. This latest English-language adaptation which is derived from masterful original Japanese film Ju-on is written and directed by Nicolas Pesce who effectively explores the trauma, horror, and rage.This haunting tale oscillates between the sins of our past and a present determined to repeat itself.

6. Rent-a-Pal

This film was released during an era when all of humanity is awkwardly disconnected. It is the story of David (Brian Landis Folkins), a lonely man living with his elderly mom. The friend Andy (Wil Wheaton), ends up preying on David’s weaknesses and turns him into someone else.

7. Hosts

To get through this monstrous year, you just need a gory horror movie that gives you the perspective that “Things could be much, much worse”. In writer-director Adam Leader’s fright fest, Hosts you could be any one of the characters. A loving couple (Nadia Lamin and Neal Ward) celebrates Christmas Eve in the beginning of the film which then pivots into a bloodbath when they attend their neighbors’ nice family gathering.