The 5 Best Business Magazines

To succeed in the tough and competitive world of business, a wide array of skills is required. Smart business minds are serious readers and also great at math and management. Weekly and monthly magazines provide the best outlet to stay on top of the news.

1. Best For Professionals: Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review

You have to subscribe to read Harvard Business Review. Their materials are used in classrooms and their paywall is notoriously tough. It includes information on top research, news, and developments in many different fields of business. Long-term strategy, management and leadership, marketing and organization, and personal negotiation skills are some of its frequently covered topics.

2. Best For Personal Finance: Money



This magazine is a guide to investing, saving, and budgeting. This magazine advice on how to choose an investment strategy to meet your goals.

3. Best For Business News: Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg Businessweek

In 1992, the first edition of this magazine was printed weeks before the stock market crash. This weekly magazine provide essential business news to industry professionals. A respectable list of the best MBA programs is produced by this magazine annually.

4. Best For Lists: Forbes


The annual Forbes Billionaires List in this magazine is always a topic of hot conversation. Strength of feminism is celebrated by their World’s 100 Most Powerful Women List. Countless individuals manage their money by their investment guides. Articles on everything from innovation to industry shakeups, lifestyle to leadership, markets to menus is a bi-weekly offering by this magazine.

5. Best For Business Technology: Wired


How technology is changing the world around us is the focus of this monthly magazine. This colorful and always informative publication will keep you up to date on the latest tech developments. Reviews of the best headphones for long runs and gym workouts is the recent hit article.