The word “Home” evokes a feeling of comfort and modesty. For most of us it is not the size that matters as much as the peace and security, we feel in this place called home. Well, for those who are listed as the richest people on the planet, there is more to a “house” than modesty and utility. For these, who are on Forbes ‘Top Billionaires’ and ‘World’s Most Expensive Home’ lists, home is a place where they can spend most of their fortune, afford a unimaginable luxury and display their wealth.

The $135 million Beverly House, Beverly Hills, California

The lavish Beverly Hills mansion featured in Beyonce’s latest visual album, “Black Is King,” is on the market for $ 125 million. In “Black Is King,” which premieres on Disney + on July 31, Beyonce can be seen swimming with synchronized swimmers in the Olympic pool and having a party in the backyard. Her husband, rapper and billionaire Jay-Z (aka Shawn Carter), drives home in a Rolls Royce car, then performs songs in the library and rooms of the house. The house, nicknamed “the Beverly House,” has 18 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms and sits on 3.53 acres of land. Glamour, space, privacy and security makes The Beverly House a destination for both corporate events and ultra-high-net-worth private rentals. “The lease for monthly occupancy is generally $600,000 to $900,000,” Ross says. Or alternatively, “$20,000 to $30,000 a day.”After listing the property for $195 million in 2016 with no buyers, Ross is offering what he calls a co-ownership deal for the home. Rather than dropping $135 million for single-ownership, Ross is also open to someone buying a percentage of the home.

The $102 million Fleur de Lys Mansion, Los Angeles

Fleur De Lys was sold by socialite Suzanne Saperstein, who built the custom-built mansion in 2002 with her then-husband, Metro Networks founder and billionaire David Saperstein. They divorced just three years after the house was built and she received the property as part of her divorce settlement. She first listed a property in 2007 for $ 125 million and never once hesitated on the asking price. The estate has 50,000 square feet of living space, which includes countless rooms, a 3,000 square foot wine cellar, a grand ballroom, a two-story entrance hall with marble floors, wood-paneled ceilings. ‘gold and much more greatness. Outside, two motor racing fields, a 600-foot tree-lined driveway, pool, spa, and expansive lawns are just simple highlights of the 4.6-acre estate.

18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, U.K, owned by Lakshmi Mittal

NRI steel baron Lakshmi Mittal’s London residential address, Kensington Palace Gardens, is the second most expensive street in the world, where the average price per square meter is $ 107,000. According to data from Knight Frank, Kensington Palace Gardens in London is the second most expensive street in the world after Pollock’s Path, The Peak in Hong Kong. The average price per square meter at Hong Kong’s Pollock’s Path, The Peak is $ 120,000, followed by Kensington Palace Gardens, London ($ 107,000). The data was published in a report by Billionaire, a sister company of Wealth-X. Kensington Palace Gardens is also known as London’s “Billionaire’s Row”, where properties change hands for as much as ($ 195 million). This private tree-lined avenue is home to the embassies of France, Russia and Japan, among others, as well as some of the world’s most famous billionaires.

Buckingham Palace, London: $1.55 Billion

The Queen of England is the queen of real estate. Buckingham Palace is technically a Crown property and comprises 775 rooms, 188 staff rooms, including 52 royal and guest bedrooms, 92 offices, 78 bathrooms, and 19 staterooms making this not just the world’s most expensive residence but also the most ‘roomy’. The palatial residence of Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is generally agreed to be the world’s most valuable residence, estimated by Money magazine (among others) to be worth some $1.55 billion. Part of that price tag may be due to the palace’s royal provenance and part to its location in London, a city whose land is among the world’s most expensive. the closest thing the United States has to a Buckingham Palace, the White House, is valued by the real-estate website Zillow at $410 million. (A fair rental price, it says, would be about $1.8 million a month.) Then again, it is a lot smaller, with a mere 132 rooms.

Antilia, Mumbai: $1 Billion

Antilia is a private residence in Mumbai, India. It is the residence of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani and his family, who moved there in 2012; at 27 floors, 173 meters (568 feet) in height, over 37,000 square meters (400,000 square feet), and with amenities such as three helipads, air traffic control, a 168-car garage, a ballroom, 9 high-speed elevators, a 50-seat theater, terraced gardens, swimming pool, spa, health center, temple, and a snow room that spits snowflakes off the walls, scratches it -ciel-mansion is one of the largest and most elaborate private homes in the world. Antilia’s architectural design was shaped along the lines of the lotus and the sun. The top six floors of the building have been reserved as a full-storey private residential area. It is also designed to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake. As of May 2020, it is valued at $ 2.2 billion, considered the second most valuable residential property in the world, after the British crown property Buckingham Palace, and the most valuable private residence in the world. Its controversial design and ostentatious one-family use made it infamous in India and beyond, including harsh criticism in the architectural press and mockery in the popular media.