Smartphones are great for playing games and watching movies. But what if you want to do both at the same time? What if you’re both a mobile gamer and a movie buff? Well, these games will interest you. They’re based on movies, ranging from superheroes to sci-fi, and they’re available on Android and iOS. There are plenty of them on the app stores, but here are our favorites.

1. Batman vs Superman

  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Schedule: Monthly
  • Format: Ongoing Series

Batman vs Superman: Who Will Win is a 3D endless runner, in which you control one of the two stars from the movie Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Each of them runs in the streets of a city, right in the middle of the road and between traffic, for some reason. The controls are the most common of their kind: you can slide sideways to change lanes, slide up to jump, and down to slide across the floor. You have to dodge the cars and other obstacles that stand in your way as they are apparently too much for these famous superheroes to handle. As usual in this genre, you have to collect all the coins you can get, which in this case is in the shape of the movie logo. You can then use these coins to improve the skills and stats of your characters. Batman vs Superman: Who Will Win isn’t an exciting endless runner, nor is he particularly original or even well-optimized. The graphics are its only strength, which are quite striking, with cool effects here and there.

2. Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes

publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts
Platforms: iOS, Android
Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is an RPG with a turn-based combat system. In the game you can collect some of the most iconic characters from the Star Wars saga. With them you can create the ultimate group of heroes and fight with them across the galaxy. When the game starts, you only get a small handful of unimportant characters, like a Stormtrooper or a base Jedi. However, as you complete more missions and win battles, you can get new, more powerful characters. Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Chewbacca are just a few of the well-known characters you can recruit for your team … whether you are fighting for the light side or the dark side. The combat system in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is quite simple. When it’s your turn, you choose which enemy to attack and what type of attack you want to make with your character. Each character can do one normal attack and one special attack depending on their hero type. Some Jedis, for example, allow you to heal your injured characters with their special skill. Between battles, you can visit the cantina where you have your base of operations. There you can see all the heroes that you have unlocked, buy more characters, improve your characters and weapons, etc.

3. The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Publisher: EA Mobile
Developer: EA Mobile
Platforms: iOSAndroidKindle Fire
The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a freemium city-building mobile game for iOS and Android, based on the American animated series The Simpsons. It allows users to create and maintain their own version of Springfield using familiar characters and buildings. The game is regularly updated with new content, often with a seasonal and holiday theme, for example during holidays like Thanksgiving and content related to Treehouse of Horror episodes for Halloween. The game is available in multiple languages ​​such as English, French, Turkish, Italian, German, Simplified Chinese, Peninsular Spanish and European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. The game was developed and published by EA Mobile and launched in Europe on February 29, 2012 and in North America on March 1, 2012 for iOS and on February 6, 2013 for Android. The game was released for Kindle Fire devices in several markets on June 24, 2013.

4. MSD: World Cricket Bash

MS Dhoni the Movie Game is the official game of the Bollywood movie “Dhoni: The untold story” starring Sushant Singh Rajput in the leading role. It’s a Free to play casual cricket game with easy to learn mechanics. It’s a part of our successful cricket game Cricket Hungama 2016. In this game we will be playing as Sushant Singh Rajput who is acting as Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the movie, and playing through important phases of his cricketing career. In this game we will be playing as Sushant Singh Rajput who is acting as Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the movie, and playing through important phases of his cricketing career. Unlike other cricket games this game will be focused entirely on Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s career. The object of the game is to score runs when at bat and to put out, or dismiss, the opposing batsmen when in the field. It’s a First ever mobile Cricket game in the world to incorporate Manual wicket keeping and fielding system. it is a dynamic artificial intelligence system ensures that no 2 matches are alike.

5. The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

Platform: Android
The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is an official mobile game produced by Next Games [1] and based on AMC’s The Walking Dead. It was released on September 27, 2015 for iOS and October 28, 2015 for Android. Fight against zombies as heroes from the Walking Dead Season 1 like Rick, Daryl, Glenn in the best zombie role-playing game! Hundreds of missions to choose from. Story mode missions, challenging Distance missions, camp building and weekly challenges! Collect characters from AMC’s TWD, such as Carl from The Walking Dead Season 1, Governor from The Walking Dead Season 4. Train and upgrade your best survivors to battle the dead rising. Outlive the thrilling turn-based tactical combat and pvp, gathering powerful weapons along the way to kill zombies and survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Every week playthrough the new episode of TWD season, fighting off zombies and building your base from Hilltop to Alexandria! Every new location has special zombies to derail your tactics. If a new tactical move is not taken, you will be dead by daylight!