How To Design The Perfect Living Room

Living rooms are the rooms where we live. We now do everything in our living room. Here are some tips to make the living room the ultimate destination.

1. Start With A Plan, Not Pillows

There are many clients who buy pillows first for their living room and then they have no rhyme or reason to this space. All sorts of activities like cocktail party or family movie night are hosted in your living room, so you should plan for real life. Parker tries to understand what ‘living’ means to each of her clients. To take the homeowners’ lifestyle into account, she develops a layout and furniture plan. Having a T.V. is included in it if that’s the client’s preference.

2. Invest in The Couch

After figuring out the functionality, the first piece of furniture is the sofa. It is important to find a quality piece that’s going to stand the test of time. You should take your time with the purchase and think through a number of factors. Their budget is the most important criteria that should have an entry-level range starting from $1,500 to $2,500.

3. Punctuate With Lighting

Natural light is prioritized by Parker when planning the room’s furniture layout and window treatments. High and low lighting is made sure by her. Choose lamps that support the overall aesthetic and act as sculptural notes. Investing in beautiful lamps can add to your forever collection.

4. Define The Room With Rugs

The rug should be larger than the seating space as it will make the room look bigger. A lot of other elements has to come into play, so make sure the rug’s color, pattern balance, and texture with the whole scheme.

5. Accent With Tables

The larger mass of the sofa is contrasted with the coffee tables. Pieces that have strong lines and are timeless are preferred. Every seat needs a place to put their coffee cup or cocktail glass, so accent tables are functional necessities.

6. Layer Different Textures

To make the room inviting, the textures of different materials, such as glass, metal, silk, wood, and wool should be preferred. Texture is super important as materials you use should feel good to the touch. Through accessories and blankets, texture can be incorporated.

7. Add Personality

A story about the personality and life of the homeowner is depicted by the accessories. Pieces could be anything just like gifts from loved ones or reminders of the places that you’ve been. These things are really an expression for us.

8. Have Fun With Pillows

Have fun while picking pillows as they are great way to bring in color, pattern, and texture. As you’re not going to keep a throw pillow for twenty years, so have some fun with it.