Best Selfie Apps For iPhone

People usually take their own shots to follow the trend, get attention, connect with friends, or capture that special moment in their lives. However, the act of taking a selfie has evolved into an art and social media apps like Instagram have a lot to do with this revolution. To meet the goal and make your selfie a master stroke, many selfie apps have emerged that help you create better photos, edit them, and beautify them. They offer a range of tools for effects, deleting objects, enhancements and more.

Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus one of the most powerful selfie camera applications that provide easy photo editor and selfie camera to the iPhone users. this is a famous selfie camera application worldwide and offers a range of features and tools to take and edit selfies with ultimate editing options. This application offers its services to make you look perfect and elegant in your pictures through editing. The users can retouch the skin and adjust accordingly. It also allows you to edit eyes and remove dark circles to beautify your pictures. There are also other makeup tools to take your beauty at another level through the editing tools available in this application.

Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie comes with a Pro Beauty Camera which can take great selfies from your phone. In addition, there are many well-designed editing tools to smooth your skin, whiten teeth, make your eyes shine, and more. There is also a collage maker with many models and layouts.

App Features

  • Multiple face recognition
  • Touch Capture to capture a selfie with a touch
  • Snapchat face filters and photo stickers
  • Body retouching tools

The Candy Camera Selfie app

The Candy Camera Selfie app is famous worldwide for its amazing effects and features. This application is a beauty application which offers you beautiful images with smooth skin and perfect filters. Users can take selfies with real-time filters on this app and users can change filters by swiping on the screen, and it is easy for users to use while taking selfies. Candy Camera is a beautiful application that provides you with brilliant results in your photos. It makes your face shine and looks beautiful by detecting your face in the camera thanks to the artificially intelligent algorithm used. Thinning, whitening, and features make it the best option for iPhone users who want to post their perfect selfies on social media. There is a huge library of filters in this application to provide many options for users to make their images more beautiful.


If you’re on the hunt for apps that give you really professional looking makeovers, then Pixtr may be the one you’re looking for. The app uses advanced facial feature detection technology to transform your selfies and make you look your best. You can use Pixtr to sculpt your face, smooth out your skin, remove blemishes, get rid of shine, whiten your teeth, add some color to your lips and so much more. When you’re done, you can easily share your finished selfies to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and email. This is one of those premium apps that’s not free, but worth the small purchase. You can get Pixtr for iOS with a version for Android coming soon.

Retrica Selfie Camera App

This is another of the best selfie camera apps for iPhone users. This application provides the beautiful image result through the magnificent filters available in this application. After all, it’s not just a selfie camera app, but this app also gives you the features to make friends and follow others. It is a social community to make friends and share beautiful photos taken via the Retrica application. This application also allows you to create your own filter on Retrica. You can make your images beautiful and seductive thanks to the many filters of this application, and this application also provides the functionality to add scribbles and stickers on the images to give the image a perfect look. This helps you to look serene and beautiful in the photos.