Best Photographers In The World

Photography is no longer a business, it is a passion for many people as they choose to quit their high paying jobs and pursue their dreams, which takes them to faraway lands, to meet people of cultures. and different environments unknown to many people. Patience and hard work – standing still in nature to get the perfect shot goes a long way in making professional photographers.

Robert capa

Robert Capa was an American-Hungarian war photographer and photojournalist. He was also the companion and professional partner of photographer Gerda Taro. Capa was a nickname (meaning shark in Hungarian) because of his close and personal style. He was arguably the greatest combat and adventure photographer in history. His most remarkable work is that of the Spanish Civil War. He was present with the first wave of soldiers during the D-Day landings of World War II, where only a few of his images have survived.

Jimmy Nelson 

Famous Photographer Jimmy Nelson is a famous photographer from UK and he has been taking amazing photos since 1987. Since 2010 he has been working on a “Before they Pass Away” series which has taken him to places like Vietnam, Tibet, Italy a lot. ‘Africa, etc. . He visits tribal people and takes pictures of them in their natural habitat, which is truly amazing because the emotions are captured beautifully in his photos. His Part 1 series has won him several international awards and he is currently working on the Part 2 series. Jimmy Nelson’s photographic works have been exhibited in many leading international museums and art galleries.

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is famous for his photo ‘Afghan girl,’ taken in a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan. This photo was named the most recognized photo of National Geographic. His other less famous photoes are really worth a look! McCurry has photographed many assignments for National Geographic and has been a member of Magnum Photos since 1986.

Eric Lafforgue

Famous for his photos taken in North Korea, Eric Lafforgue has a story for each person he has photographed. From the tribes of Namibia to the Yezedis of Kurdistan, his tales are fascinating and his photos depict some real emotions. He has documented the Guna people of the San Blas Islands, off the coast of Panama, whose existence is threatened by rising sea levels.

Annie leibovitz

Anna-Lou “Annie” Leibovitz is an American portrait photographer. She photographed John Lennon the day he was murdered. His work has been featured in numerous album and magazine covers. She became the first woman to hold an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington in 1991. When she says she wants to photograph someone, what it really means is that she would like to know him. His style that sets his images apart from all other portrait photographers. She is best known for her engaging portraits, particularly of celebrities, which often feature subjects in intimate settings and poses.