mobile phone brands

Mobile phones have become the hub we live our lives around, and the thought of going without one would leave many feeling helpless.

We need phones that can do it all: Take great photos, communicate with our friends over loads of different apps, play games, manage our money, help us get home, and never run out of battery.

Picking the right phone brand can help you find your dream phone. So which brand is best?

Which are the Best Phone Brands?

You’ll be familiar with a lot of the names on this list already, but a couple of the brands might surprise you.

Samsung – There’s a Samsung for everyone, from the bargain-basement J series and the excellent mid-range A series to the flagship S and Note series

Apple – The iPhones are almost unmatched when it comes to hardware quality, and the company continues to set the benchmark for design

Google – Despite being newcomers to the manufacturing market, Google’s recent phones are true flagship devices with market-leading features

OnePlus – Continues to offer flagship features at mid-range prices, with high-end features and performance and impressive hardware

Huawei – Security concerns aside, it’s impossible to deny the Chinese company makes some of the most impressive phones on the market

Motorola – It’s had a hard few years, but still knows how to knock out a top quality mid-range phone

Nokia – Once consigned to the smartphone graveyard, Nokia is back with a vengeance with a killer low- to mid-range lineup

LG – Formerly a smartphone giant, LG’s handsets have struggled to find an identity in a crowded marketplace

Sony – Another brand that’s fallen on hard times, Sony has lost the initiative on design and offers a truly baffling range of phones