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When getting ourselves geared up for the kitchen works, very few of us put a knife sharpener at the top of the priority list. It’s usually after a while, when our new knives have started losing their edges and leaving rags and tears on their cuts, that we realize the need  for a good sharpening device.

While we’re at it, picking the best kitchen knife sharpener can be a bit tricky.

For one thing, there are way too many types out there, promising to bring vastly different levels of sharpness for your knives. On the other hand, the one giving the best results may not necessarily be the right one for you; it also depends a lot on how much money, time, and effort you want to spend on maintaining your blades.

But first things first, let’s take a look at the different kinds of sharpening devices and decide which type meets your demands (and capacity).

1. Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener by Bulbhead

This sharpener is made to work with all blades, unlike some that are specific to a certain type. It’s the perfect in-home sharpener for anyone looking for a do-it-all tool to sharpen, hone, and polish old and new knives alike.

The Bavarian Edge Kitchen Knife Sharpener features two independent spring-action arms crafted of tungsten carbide. These arms contour to the edges of any knife for a better sharpen and can be used on standard, serrated, and beveled blades.

2. Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System

This is an amazing multi-purpose sharpening system for anyone that needs to service kitchen, outdoor, hobby, or garden knives. The system’s 5 color-coded stones allow for a variety of hones on all types of knives, including extra-coarse, coarse, medium, fine alumina oxide, and extra-fine ceramic.

The Lansky Deluxe 5-Stone Sharpening System features 17, 20, 25, and 30-degree angle options and each color-coded stone comes with finger-grooved safety holders and specially formulated honing oil. This system also offers a precision-engineered knife clamp and custom-molded carrying case.

3. PriorityChef Whetstone Sharpening Stone

This sharpening stone is perfect for anyone who’s tired of taking knives into the hardware store to be sharpened. With a durable design and non-slip base, this stone allows experienced sharpeners to achieve a professional edge from the comfort of your home.

This PriorityChef Whetstone Sharpening Stone features a coarse, 240-grit stone on one side and a smooth, 100-grit stone on the other. It also offers a non-slip bottom to guarantee safety and works with almost any straight edge cutting tool, including hunting knives, scissors, shears, and more.

4. Smith’s Kit – PP1 Pocket Pal & CCKS 2-Step Knife Sharpener

Smith’s Kit offers two great sharpening tools for the on-the-go hunter or adventurer. Light and yet highly effective, the Pocket Pal will go anywhere for a quick hone when you need it and the CCKS can stay at home for regular tune-ups.

The Pocket Pal features a tapered diamond rod for sharpening serrations and gut hooks as well as carbide blades to quickly set an edge and a ceramic finishing slot. The CCKS 2-Step sharpener offers crossed carbide blades for quick edge setting and crossed ceramic rods for a razor sharp finish.

5. Brod and Taylor Professional Knife Sharpener

Made in Austria, this knife sharpener is best for both smooth and serrated knives. It’s great for anyone who wants a sharpener that can quickly hone a razor sharp edge and work on a variety of knife types.

The Brod and Taylor Professional Knife Sharpener features a durable design with nearly two full pounds of solid stainless steel. The tungsten-carbide sharpeners are made to last more than 5 years and sit on spring-action bars that can adjust to the angle of the knife blade. This sharpener can adjust from 12 degrees for a super-sharp fillet knife to 20 degrees for a more rugged chopping blade.

6. Green Elephant Knife Sharpening Rod

This sharpening rod is great for connoisseurs of German or Japanese-made knives, but it’s also a perfect fit for an excellent hunting knife sharpening steel. Weighing less than 11 ounces, it’s a lightweight rod that can also go anywhere.

The Green Elephant Knife Sharpening Rod features a white ceramic design with an SGS-tested hardness of 9 Mohs. Designed to last for years, this sharpening steel boasts a unique vibration absorbent design that protects it from shattering when dropped.

7. Chef’sChoice 15 XV Trizor Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Here’s a great option for anyone looking for an electric sharpener that will quickly and effectively sharpen American, European, and Asian-made knives, including those with straight and serrated edges.

The Chef’sChoice 15 XV Trizor Professional Electric Knife Sharpener features flexible spring guides for accurate control of the sharpening angle, as well as a 3-Stage EdgeSelect system that allows you to dial in the perfect edge for each cutting task. If you’re in a hurry, this electric sharpener only requires one minute for a first time sharpening and approximately 10 seconds for resharpening.

8. Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp provides another great option for anyone that needs to sharpen many different types of knives and doesn’t want to buy a different sharpener for each. This knife and tool sharpener works for hunting, kitchen, filet, outdoor, tactical, and pocket knives.

The Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener features three abrasive belts that deliver coarse, medium, and fine blade finishes. This sharpener also boasts three precision sharpening guides at 40, 50, and 65 degrees, respectively. Versatility is key with this sharpener, as it also allows you to sharpen scissors, axes, hatchets, and more.

9. Wusthof Precision Edge 4 Stage Handheld Sharpener

Anyone looking for a sharpener that works with both standard and Asian-style knives should consider this as an excellent option. A rubberized base offers sure grip for effortless sharpening and honing.

The Wusthof Precision Edge 4 Stage Handheld sharpener features hard carbide steel blades for the coarse sharpening stage and fine ceramic rods for honing. Wusthof also purposefully weighted the design of this sharpener to be safe and secure for even the most inexperienced user.

10. Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener

Designed by the makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife, this manual sharpener is great for anyone that needs to take their sharpener everywhere they go. Made specifically to sharpen pocket knives, this sharpener is perfect for backpacking, hiking, fishing, and much more.

The Victorinox Pocket Knife Sharpener Clam Pack features a compact and sturdy German design. The sharpener weighs less than two ounces and boasts a ceramic v-groove and oval rod. Small enough to slip in your pocket, it’s one of the best sharpeners on the market if you’re always on the move.