ironing boards

Ironing clothes is a chore that’s not very high on most people’s favorite things to do list. However, it’s a chore that has to be done if a person wants to look as sharp as possible. Fortunately, there is a piece of equipment that can make the job a whole lot easier and allow the person using it to achieve better results in a shorter amount of time. And that tool is the ironing boards.

The boards today are vast improvements over the boards that your grandmother may have used. They allow ironing to be done more efficiently and in a shorter period of time. To show you just how great some of these boards are, we’ve listed the ten best ironing boards currently available.

The following boards are sure to do their part in keeping your clothes wrinkle-free.

Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Board

Bathla X-press Ace Ironing Board is one of the best and a premium quality board. It is stable, durable and comes with multiple unique features. The board is simple and easy to set up and the surface of the ironing board comes with an aluminized cloth cover that let effectual transfer of heat. The anti-skid PVC shoes stop the ironing board from gliding during use and offer high solidity. You can use this board for multiple purposes including an iron holder, wire manager, multifunction stray for stacking clothes after ironing.

Peng Essentials Hetty Ironing Board

Our next pick is from Peng essentials. It is one of the famous brands available online and you can go with this product if ironing is a task for you. It comes with extra Tri-Leg Design, adjustable height up to 4 levels, and rotating feet cap for apt balance and foam padding for proper cushioning.

Paffy Ironing Board with Iron Holder

This is one the best ironing holder board with all the unique and super qualities. It is made from high fibres that retain and reflect heat and at the same time reduces ironing time and saves on energy. It comes with an ironing board made of stainless steel which makes the board strong and durable. The board comes with a 100% cotton cover which let smooth ironing and prevents cloths from sticking to the board. If ironing is a task for you then Paffy iron board is what you need.

TruGood Ironing Board with Press Stand

TruGood is another decent quality ironing board easy on your pocket with various unique features. This board is made of stainless steel and is durable. The height of the board is to be adjusted, stable and shockproof. It comes with rubber caps that provides grip and also prevents the board from skidding. The ironing board comes with an additional iron holder which lets the user rest the iron securely in between use.

Arrision Ironing Board

Arrision is a famous brand with standard quality and a decent surface along with press holder.  The dimensions of the board are 18 x 48 inch (47 X 122 cm) which is perfect for ironing. The ironing board comes with an additional holder and can be used to rest the iron in between use. The board frame allows smooth ironing and is safe to use. This ironing board is heavyweight than the rest, weighing 11 kgs.

Peng Hummer Ironing Board

Peng is a good brand when it comes to ironing here’s why we’ve picked two models from this brand. The board is made with the high-quality steel body. The board surroundings are covered with extra cushion which allows comfort while pressing. The height of the pressing board can be adjusted to suit the height of the user. It comes with anti-skid caps it prevents from slipping.

Citizen Extra Large Ironing Board

This ironing board from Citizen comes with an extra-large working surface.  It is made of high-quality steel, shockproof wood and allows smooth ironing. The present rubber grip prevents it from slipping. It is durable and strong ironing board. The flexible height of the ironing board stand can be adjusted to suit the height of the user. Ironing is a day-to-day task which is irreplaceable and this board is the perfect fit for anyone who chickens out from ironing.

Athena Creations Ironing Board

Athena Creations offers great models for the ironing board. It comes with unique features like anti-corrosion metal board for easy storage. The steam iron prevents from falling off the board. It comes with safety lock feature preventing the iron board from collapsing. Protecting feet help guard floors against marks. If ironing is a task for you then this could be your best bet.

Flipzon Self Standing Ironing Board , Multi Color

Ironing could be a mesmeriszing experience if Flipzon ironing board is around. Ironing could be taxing especially when you need to do it on a daily basis. It is available in three different sizes. It is simple to use and adjust the height of the board. It is also available with safety feature. It is easy to place this board at any given height.

Archana NHR Ironing Board

Archana NHR Ironing board is one of the most selling ironing board. The board comes with safety lock features which prevent board from collapsing. It is available in three different height setting and very simple to change easy storage. The board is compatible with other trendy ironing board holder for storing purposes. If pressing is a problem for you then this could be your pick.