5 Amazing Bakeries Around the World

The smell of freshly baked breads and cookies is more tempting. These bakeries know how to delight with dough. So, here are the top best bakeries in the world.

1. Tartine in San Francisco, USA


This San Francisco bakery is a must-visit, if you are craving for something sweet. About 240 loaves of bread are churned every day which sell out within the hour. A variety of classic French sweets is also offered by the bakery. Their popular sellers are fluffy éclairs dipped in Valhrona chocolate and frangipane tarts with flaky pastry shells.

2. Hafiz Mustasa 1864 in Istanbul

Hafiz Mustasa 1864

A huge variety of Turkish pastries and Turkish delights is sold by Hafiz Mustasa. It is impossible to choose a few things to have with your tea as it has the sheer number of sweets and pastries available. Turkish baklava must be tried.

3. Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki in Tokyo and Paris

Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki

At the age of 30, Sadaharu Aoki has perfected pastry making. Japanese-influenced pastries like the matcha opera cake and black sesame éclairs are its best one to try. It combines traditional Japanese flavours with the refined art of making French pastries.

4. Taxinge Slott Cafe in Nykvarn, Sweden

Taxinge Slott Cafe

In Northern Europe, it is the largest cake buffet with 60 different kinds of cakes, pastries and pies. Sandwiches are also offered for the ravenous. In one sitting, you can have as much of these treats.

5. E5 Bakehouse in London

E5 Bakehouse

The E5 Bakehouse uses organic and locally-sourced ingredients. They make daily-baked breads, homemade cakes and fresh, quick lunches. Every week, a bread-making course is also hold by it to spread the traditional art of baking breads.