10 Simple Tips For Beautiful Terrace Garden

People who love being close to nature, surrounded by greenery city life is hard for them. There is more pollution and less space in cities. By growing a garden you can turn your terrace in a tropical oasis.

1. Pick Tall Plants and Tree

To maximize greenery, bamboos can be grown in the corners and shrubs can be grown on the walls. Your rooftop will become a lovely garden by this way where you can have fun, read books and roam.

2. Grow Conifer Plants in a Row

Conifers are the plants which need minimal maintenance and are attractive and versatile plants. The sights and sounds of the annoying neighborhood can be blocked by these shrubs.

3. Create Rooftop Lawn

By laying synthetic grass and adding benches, tables on the terrace you can create your own rooftop lawn. Real grass can be grown to have a more realistic feel.

4. Diversify Plants

To add a rustic touch to your terrace, choose a variety of few small trees, flowers, ground cover, shrubs, and tall plants.

5. Make a Vertical Garden

If you have a small space, vertical gardening is ideal for you. A plenty of experiments like a DIY plant holder or making a lettuce planter can be done with vertical gardening.

6. Choose the Right Furniture

To your rooftop, add a dining table, a few chairs, and a sofa to have a rustic vibe. Family gatherings or solitude evenings can be enjoyed here.

7. Add a Fountain

Fountains can adorn your rooftop garden also and are not limited to outdoors. To complete the look of your terrace garden, construct a square water body with a miniature statue in the center.

8. Don’t Use More than Three Colors

Your rooftop garden can have a similar or a combination of two colors on the containers, furniture, railings, and walls. Your terrace may look blunt and cluttered if you use different colors.

9. Flooring Matters

The right floor type is necessary as it can make or break your rooftop garden. It should go well with the theme, suit the climate, and the plants you are going to grow.

10. Use Different Varieties of Plants

By growing a variety of colorful plants, you can tune the calming vibe of the terrace garden. By planting annual plants, flowers, shrubs and trees, the balance of warm and cool colors will be maintained on the rooftop.